A note from Trent and a wave goodbye

2.16.09: A note from Trent and a wave goodbye

Towards the beginning of my career in Nine Inch Nails, our biggest break came in the form of an invitation to perform a series of shows with Jane's Addiction. These performances essentially created and defined the term "alternative" rock in the US, created an ongoing festival franchise that is still thriving (Lollapalooza), set the stage for Nirvana to shift popular taste a few months later, and were really fucking FUN to play and attend - truly the best times I've had. The shows were epic. So epic, they propelled NIN to the "next level" (whatever that means), but caused Jane's to implode. The band broke up at the end of that tour.

Fast forward to the present. Corporate rock STILL sucks. A friend tells me they saw the original Jane's lineup play a tiny show in LA that was unbelievable. I break out my Jane's records and am amazed by how vital they sound. These guys were the real deal and in this current climate mostly dominated by poseurs and pussies it was refreshing to hear something that sounded dangerous, volatile, beautiful and SINCERE.
Emails were sent, phone calls were made, dinner was arranged, ideas were discussed and the next thing I know we're in the studio experimenting. We laugh, we get to know each other, we cry, we yell, we almost quit, we record LOTS of guitar solos, we discuss, we actually begin to all communicate, we yell some more, we become FRIENDS, we laugh again and we do some great things. I get to see first hand why they broke up all those years ago but I also get the chance to see four distinct personalities that become an INCREDIBLE band when they're in the same room.

In NIN world, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first releases. I've been thinking for some time now it's time to make NIN disappear for a while. Last year's "Lights in the Sky" tour was something I'm quite proud of and seems like the culmination of what I could pull off in terms of an elaborate production. It was also quite difficult to pull off technically and physically night after night and left us all a bit dazed. After some thought, we decided to book a last run of shows across the globe this year. The approach to these shows is quite different from last year - much more raw, spontaneous and less scripted. Fun for us and a different way for you to see us and wave goodbye. I reached out to Jane's to see if they'd want to join us across the US and we all felt it could be a great thing. Will it work? Will it resonate in the marketplace? Who knows. Are there big record label marketing dollars to convince you to attend? Nope.
Does it feel right to us and does it seem like it will be fun for us and you? Yes it does.
Look for tour dates soon and I hope to see you out there.


빌어먹을 $#^$%$^%$&%&%&$% (자체검열)...
어쩌란 말이요...... 참 요새 날씨도 춥고 사람 가슴에 멍을 주는구려.

by maryjane | 2009/02/18 19:25 | 트랙백(2) | 덧글(0)

이젠 말도 더이상 안나옴 ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

뭐... 이제 그러려니...;;;;;
상태메시지 좀 썰렁한거 입력하지 않으면 안될까? 응?

by maryjane | 2009/02/15 23:36 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

양한마리 키우고 싶은 소원이 있네~

양만 맨날 그리는 나.

by maryjane | 2009/02/14 19:04 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

귀..귀엽다... ㅠㅠ

넌 대체 어느 별에서 왔니?

진정 쁘띠하군하.... (그러고보니 키도 상당히 작은 걸로 기억했던 AE)

AE의 키에 대한 의문점이 들어가는 인증샷

꽃다운 후레잘 NIN 시절 멤버들, 가운데의 구부정한 제롬의 키는 190이 넘는다는;;;;
(허리를 편다면? 상상하고 싶지도 않은 키차이가;;;;)
참고로 옆에 있는 로빈이의 키는 180이 좀 넘는 정도.
진정 쁘띠한 AE......

며칠전 인터뷰... 독일어라 역시 알아들을 수 없지만 큣트한 양돌이.

by maryjane | 2009/02/14 18:55 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

So What?

What the fuck?





아... 정말 '어쩌라고?'라는 코멘트를 한국어로 콱 달고 싶은데...
주위에 한국어 아는 사람이 혹시라도 있을지 모른다는 생각에 겁이 난다.
아마 팬이 아니라 안티로 알거다, 이 사람......;;;;;
뭐 그래봤자 밋헤드씨만큼 유명해지지는 않겠지 ㅋ

by maryjane | 2009/02/04 02:38 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

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